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    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, ensure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.



    Who Is Project Sentinel?

    Project Sentinel is a group of like-minded men and women dedicated to the idea that our rights must be protected at all times against the encroachment of ever-grasping government and that the best way to ensure that protection is to educate the citizenry on our rights, the foundations of our rights, the reason our rights resonated with men and women down through the ages and how, if viewed in the clear light of day, they still resonate as fiercely.  While some in government and politics today assert – without any reasoning – that all our rights have limits, the men and women of Project Sentinel assert that government, being a creation of the people and a servant of the people, has no authority to arbitrarily limit our rights.  Rather, we believe that our many rights, both the enumerated and the unenumerated, remain whole except in those very special cases of place and time, and as clearly understood and accepted by the common man, where limits may be necessary for the common good.  In the vast preponderance of cases our rights remain wholly ours and Project Sentinel takes it as its charge to defend that concept in regard to all our rights at all times.


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    Why give?

    We know that there are legions of people and organizations who are asking for your money. And there are a multitude of folks to whom you wish you could contribute. No one, not even Croesus, has enough money to give to every organization that asks for donors. So why should you give to Sentinel?

    Very simply, because we deliver bang for the buck. To begin, no one here is going to grow rich off this project: some of us receive no monetary compensation whatsoever, and the funds provided by donors like you are mainly used to cover basic costs. We are here, writing and speaking, because we believe that our nation is worth every possible effort to preserve it. We are going to persevere no matter what the cost – monetary, political, personal. Simply put, everyone here at Sentinel is committed.

    Further, over the past few years we have been involved with programs that directly effected major successes “in the arena,” efforts that forwarded American interests at home and abroad, efforts that strengthened our republic. For example, members of the leadership here at Sentinel played key roles in the Abraham accords and in the policies that lead to the containment of North Korea. They did this for essentially no pay, at very little cost and virtually no recognition (in some cases literally no recognition). We do this for neither recognition nor reward. We do this because it is right. And because it furthers the course of our nation.

    And that is why we ask you to consider giving a gift to sentinel.

    Simply put, we will use any money you give us wisely, and we will make it count. We are not greedy, but we do have costs. Money given to Sentinel will be money used to press forward the concepts that lie at the heart of the American experiment, and we will do it as we have done in the past: judiciously and with the clarity to achieve the most benefit to our nation and our nation’s interests. Money given to Sentinel will benefit the nation, will benefit you, and will benefit your posterity. That is what we promise.

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